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Geospatial System Integrators

Capability Development Plan (CDP) underlines the permanence of the need for tracking of ships, aircraft and other equipment through a continuous air-space wide-area interoperable surveillance system able to operate all weather condition and in all types of environments.  Tactical RPAS systems and sensors are a key element to information collection and the timely delivery of the information obtained for use in the production of intelligence and situational awareness.  The real-time nature of our hardware and software is ideal to bolt-on to any surveillance system.


Delivery Stages:

Our services cover the initial phases of the development:

  • Feasibility Study for concept of operations (CONOPS) definition, system specification, Detailed Requirements Review (DRR) and architecture definition;
  • Detailed design of the system, including the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and finishing with the Critical Design Review (CDR);
  • Development of a tactical RPAS system prototype.

Solution Impact:

  • Decrease risk of unmanned missions through areas of operation.
  • Decrease the reaction time and improve the situation awareness due to efficient generation and dissemination of the COP in real time.
  • Facilitate the integration of civil agencies through UTM and ATMx data exchange interoperability.
  • Maximize the capability and tactical advances using meshed radio communications
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