Mobile Application Development
Looking for a new mobile application for your organization to extend customer support, marketing or existing applications? We have ported many existing web applications to the mobile application universe. We understand that websites are a must but more and more the mobile application is a close second. How you present the application to the mobile phone supplier is as important as how it works. Contact us to learn more about the best way to create and deploy your mobile solutions.

Professional Consulting Practice
Our software engineers support all operating systems and modern programming languages. Core to how we approach the design of a new application is our planning process. No matter the role you need us to play, the results are the same high value and quality applications that clients need to succeed. We service Microsoft .NET, ESRI-GIS, PHP, Java Script, Python, Node.js, MySQL and many more.. We are experts in VMware, Docker, K8s and all major cloud services to help you port between clouds easily.

Web Design & Multimedia
The talented producers at TEG start with line art, CAD, and hand drawn artwork to create fully working 3D models. These computer based models can then apply physics and kinetics producing real world simulation. Illustrations can be made print ready as well.  Illustration, modeling & simulation services are ideal for single view dashboards, web presence, and over the top TV (OTT) uses.

Professional Instruction
We specialize in the creation of web based training, multimedia training and stand alone application training systems. Many of the systems we build are for certification level training for military, industry and education. Our high impact products are fun to use and keep our target student interested in the curriculum. We provide 2-5 day in class and online training classes for most programming languages, platforms with complete curriculum for school age students to leading edge corporate clients.

Our Process