Search & Rescue System

TEG HFDF is a rugged, folding, seven channel HFDF for ground mobile applications.

Power and Data Interface

  • 100BaseT with POE is the single RJ45 connector of GHFDF
  • COMSEC: AES 256
  • One broadband channel and 6 narrow band channels

HFDF RF Specifications

  • Tuning: 1.5MHz to 30MHz in 1Hz resolution
  • Tuning and time base stability: 50 PPB
  • Bandwidth of narrow band receivers: 3.5KHz or 24KHz
  • Bandwidth of broadband receiver: 2MHz or 30MHz
  • Viewing angle of direction finder: 1.7 degrees
  • Time to calculate a fix: 300mS. HF beacons transmit for 3-10 seconds at a low duty cycle.
  • Timing accuracy of TOA circuit: 10nS (=10ft) over 3 month
  • Maximum range of HF beacons (Contact Us)
  • Receive sensitivity: -110dB (STANAG 4415)

GPS/GNSS Option for Time Synchronization

  • SIRF STAR V with a 15mm square patch antenna
  • 1PPS signal recalibrates sync to HF beacons